Truck Crane Checklists: The Safest Way Towards Successful Construction Projects

The crane will always be an integral part of any construction project, whether for a small commercial building or a high-rise structure. It provides the "hoisting power" that the project needs, especially when you are dealing with heavier loads. It will be a very difficult task for construction workers if they will lift and lower construction materials manually. It can even cause an accident which can cost lives and damages to the structure that is not even completed yet. With these cranes, you are on your way towards the success of your construction project without the fear of anyone getting hurt or losing their lives.

One of the things that you consider when acquiring cranes is the purpose. Are you into constructing high-rise structures? Then you must purchase a tower crane. On the other hand, if your plant office (where your construction materials and heavy equipment are stationed) is relatively far from the construction site and you have other construction projects to consider, then you must have a truck-mounted crane. It will give you the mobility that you need in transferring your crane from one location to another.

However, when you start using your truck-mounted crane, there are standard operating procedures to follow before using it in actual construction projects. One of which is the inspection of the crane both on a daily and periodic basis through using truck-mounted crane checklists. It will help you ensure that your cranes will be safe to operate and will not cause harm to the crane operator as well as to other construction workers present on the site.

Checklists for your truck-mounted crane includes the date of the inspection, the time it was inspected, the crane's brand name, model, and serial number, and its current location. There are certain items that you need to check as well, whether the crane passed or failed on the standard set by the item description as well as the actions that should be taken, if there is any.

Here are item descriptions used in daily truck-mounted crane inspection checklists (which must be read prior to each daily use):

·The functionality of the operating and control mechanisms; ·Control mechanisms for any contamination; ·Leakages or deterioration in any lines, drain pumps, valves, and other parts of the hydraulic or air system; ·Hooks for any deformation and cracks; and ·Hoist chains (including end connections) for any excessive twist, wear, distorted links, and stretch that are beyond the manufacturer's recommendations.

Meanwhile, here are item descriptions used in periodic inspection checklists of your truck-mounted cranes:

·Loose rivets or bolts; ·Cracked, deformed, or corroded parts; ·Worn or cracked sheaves and drums; ·Any deficiencies on pins, shafts, gears, bearings, rollers, clamping, and locking devices; ·Excessive wear on clutch and brake system parts; ·Significant inaccuracies in terms of boom angle, wind, and other indicators; ·Excessive chain stretch; ·Excessive wear of chain drive sprockets; and ·Deterioration on the electrical system.

With these daily and periodic truck-mounted crane checklists, you are assured of the safest way towards the success of your construction project. Keep in mind that a successful construction project is the one that has no reported casualty at the end of the project. Life is important and must not be neglected at all times. As we always say, safety first before anything else.

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