The Real Score Of Truck Mount Articulating Cranes In Europe And North America

If you are familiar with the "ins and outs" of the construction industry, then the word "crane" is not an alien terminology for you. In fact, if you are engaged in the actual construction of various infrastructure projects, you are frequently working with different types of cranes to make your work fast and efficient. As much as possible, you want to acquire cranes that have high efficiency and can handle the toughest conditions found on the construction site.

As you know, cranes are construction towers that are equipped with strong cables and pulleys which are used to lift and lower heavy materials. It is controlled either by a manual or radio remote control system. It is good that you work with cranes which are fixed on the ground for more stability despite carrying heavy loads. However, you may also prefer cranes mounted on purpose-built vehicles, or commonly known as truck-mount cranes.

For mobility purposes, truck-mount cranes are preferred by most construction firms, especially if their plant office where all of their heavy equipments are stationed is relatively far from the construction site. Furthermore, if the crane is needed on other construction sites, you can easily pull it out from its present location and transfer it to other construction sites.

Most cranes mounted on truck carriers are telescopic type (the boom is composed of several metal tubes fitted on the inside of another tube) though there are also articulating cranes mounted on truck trailers, preferably trucks that are intended for off-road or rough terrain applications. The length of its main boom can reach as long as 50 feet and its extension can reach as long as 13 feet and has an average maximum hoisting capacity of 10 tons or even more.

Despite of the popularity of truck-mount articulating cranes, you will notice that the manufacturing if such cranes is more popular in Europe than here in the United States. In fact, dozens of European companies export truck-mount articulating cranes and only two North American companies manufacture them. One of the big reasons prevalent is the quantity of material-handling methods which are widely-available in North America, yet aren't as practical for Europe. On the other hand, the material-handling methods used in Europe are practical for manufacturing truck-mount articulating cranes both in the home continent and in North America.

Many product specialists for material handling systems of various truck-mount cranes said that Europe was in the truck-mount business long before the United States, so the industry grew with that concept. The market has grown a lot since it was introduced in the United States in 1960, but because of the dominance of high-rise structures (which make use of tower cranes), the growth has been slowly ever since.

The bottom line here is that the European market for truck-mount articulating cranes is blooming compared to the United States market. However, because of the changing construction environment, there are now American-based manufacturers who are looking into the matter of producing truck-mount articulating cranes. But still, Europe-based manufacturers dominate the present market.

Whether the truck-mount cranes that you are using came from Europe or here in the United States, you must ensure that it will work for the success of your construction project. This is just part of your career in the construction industry-knowing the latest trends and news for the benefit of your construction business.

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